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About Shiva Enterprises Ltd

Professional, Experienced and Expert Chemical Supplier

Shiva Enterprises is a reputed fast-growing firm based in District Sonipat, Haryana. Our Products and service, enable e advanced integrated solutions to meet the complex challenges of our customers. We source high‐quality laboratory chemicals, pharmaceutical and food chemicals , Laboratory Glassware, reagents, and Lab Equipment in close partnerships for our customers, we assure reliability and peace of mind.
We have since increased our offering to over 500 products and diversified our product categories to include Pharmaceutical Excipients and Solvents, Food Grade Additives, Aquaculture Specialties, and Safety & Hygiene Products.

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Why Choose us?

All our products have withstood rigorous international quality control procedures.
Our entrepreneurial spirit comes from our keenness to explore new markets and expand our product portfolio to meet growing customer requirements
We have more than 1000 customers across industries in the domestic market
We have a storage & Godown area of around 2500sq.ft with proper safety norms and an office area of around 1000sq.ft with sufficient hardworking manpower, office staff, and delivery Persons/vehicles etc
We keep ourselves updated on changing technologies & services
We are confident in offering new and innovative products to our customers on an ongoing basis through our sales channel
We live by our motto of consistently providing customers with high-quality products and exceeding their expectations
We care for our employees, society, and the environment